On June 30, 1995 Carpie’s Grill became part of the landscape of Cuba Lake; thus filling an entertainment need left long ago by the demise of “The Pavilion” and “The Skye Loft.” Through many decades, this property on the North Shore had been a general store, selling some groceries, seasonal items and gas.

In 1993, long abandoned by its last owner, it stood deteriorating – a ghost of its past. It was then that Chan Whitford, Erick Laine and Marianne Laine bought the property with the intention of razing the old structure, opening a marina and, once again, providing a gas dock for boaters.

With marine service being offered and gas again being pumped, thoughts for the rest of the property turned to other things. It seemed that a refreshment stand of sorts could offer boaters something besides gas and oil, it was this thought that took seed, and the idea for a place like Carpie’s began to become a plan.

A Caribbean style structure offering sandwiches, pizza, ice cream and beer was to be built with an area for tables. A “Carpie burger” would be the signature dish – inspired by a sandwich served at an earlier Cuba Lake diner called Ruby’s.

The winter of ’94-95 was spent planning and designing; in the spring building began in earnest.

A name for the endeavor was decided on that May, when the splashing and muffled sounds coming from the edge of the reeds on the inlet were distracting. This time of the year was the Carp’s mating season and what we were experiencing was their spawning. Just like that – we had our name!

We first opened on the Friday of the July 4th weekend.

Over the years Carpie’s has been a meeting, gathering and growing up spot for countless adults, couples and kids. Children have spent their whole lives coming to Carpie’s. And hundreds of others have gotten to know and love a little jewel in Western New York called Cuba Lake.

Chan Whitford and Marianne Laine are grateful for the continuous thank you’s for bringing Carpie’s Grill to Cuba Lake. They love knowing how popular it has become over the years. So the tradition continues, and every summer more memories are made at this hidden gem on Cuba Lake- Carpie’s Grill.