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A hidden gem of Cuba Lake

On June 30, 1995 Carpie’s Grill became part of the landscape of Cuba Lake; thus filling an entertainment need left long ago by the demise of “The Pavilion” and “The Skye Loft.” Through many decades, this property on the North Shore had been a general store, selling some groceries, seasonal items and gas.

In 1993, long abandoned by its last owner, it stood deteriorating – a ghost of its past. It was then that Chan Whitford, Erick Laine and Marianne Laine bought the property with the intention of razing the old structure, opening a marina and, once again, providing a gas dock for boaters.

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  • Saturday, July 7th Joly Roger, 5-6pm
  • Sunday, July 15th Southern Tier Beer Sampling, 1pm
  • Saturday, August 2nd John Tomerlin & Lisa, 6-9pm
  • Saturday, August 4th Cardboard Boat Race, 1-3pm
  • Saturday, August 4th The Chumps, 3-6pm
  • Saturday, August 18th Brian Ash, 2-5pm
Carpies is a great little restaurant down by Cuba Lake yacht club. All of the servers are friendly and there is entertainment every week. The service is always fast here and there is an iconic view of the lake. The servers are always checking in on your table and asking if you need anything just like a restaurant should do.

Carpies is reasonably priced and the food is great and that is one of the many things that keeps customers frequently returning for more.

Paul D., Duxbury, MA
This hidden gem on the shore of Cuba Lake is just an awesome place. Friendly people, a great view, and delicious food.
Mike E.

Today’s fish sandwich was to die for! Chef Elly & Carl were killing it on the grill. Basket of baked fries were Ono! (Delicious)

Jay M., Hornell, NY

Delicious seafood and friendly people. Local musicians and beautiful scenery. An all around great place!

Laura M.
Great place to spend a summer day, reach it by car or boat!
Gary B., Cuba, NY

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